£ 69.99

Adore hair is a super luxurious, soft and silky reusable grade of hair that will remain in this beautiful condition for approx 6-9 months when used as hair extensions.

Adore Budget Range Clip ins

Adores range of budget human hair clip in hair extensions are perfectly situated in the market place for clients that want a quick fix that will not break the bank.  Still using an amazing hair grade suitable for any occasion and which can be styled using all your usual heat tools.

Using our safe silicone lined clips to prevent any damage to your hair these can be quickly clipped in and out created an array of wonderful styles suited for anyone.
placed anywhere you feel you may need them they are perfect for creating air up and hair down styles, allowing you to be as creative as you desire whether you want to wear them daily or for any party style occasion 

Perfect for creating more volume our Adore budget range are an amazing low cost option should  you require extra volume or  length

1 full head pack contains an average of 105-110 grams of hair  
lengths 14”, 18” and 20”
six width sections
1x 10cm

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